• Yoga Magazine

    We are very happy to be featured in this month's (May Edition) Yoga Magazine...

    The Tube is a British made super soft jersey layer that is designed to move with you. Essential for keeping the kidneys warm during yoga, ensuring you get the ultimate energy boost. The Tube stays in place throughout the whole of your practice, no more interrupting your flow to adjust your clothes. The Tube helps you remain comfortable, stylish, warm and focused.

    The Tube’s founder, Harry Duley, lives and breathes jersey. She has been designing and making jersey collections since 1998. Recognised for her simple, elegant yet comfortable designs, Harry understands cut and finish, and how fabric moves with the body to make it feel like a second skin.

    Harry works with her UK manufacturers using a British knitted and dyed high quality cotton/elastane fabric to help ensure that her values are always held true: Simplicity, quality and cut.