Price Transparency

Embracing Change for a Sustainable Future 

Factory Transition:

After a decade of collaboration, my long-time manufacturing partner closed its doors in July '23 due to rising costs. To ensure continuity, I stepped in to fulfill all recent orders, but this temporary solution is not sustainable.


Exciting New Partnership:

I'm thrilled to announce a new chapter as we embark on a journey with an eco-clothing manufacturer based in London. Committed to sustainable development, responsible manufacturing, and a zero-waste approach, this partnership aligns with my values. I've personally toured the factory, meeting the dedicated team involved in the manufacturing process.


Craftsmanship and Fair Wages:

The new pricing structure reflects my dedication to craftsmanship and fair wages. I'm pleased to continue producing small, thoughtful production runs to avoid excessive stock. The collection remains permanent and seasonless, ensuring consistent prices year-round.


Direct-to-Consumer Advantage:

By selling directly to you, I can maintain lower prices compared to traditional retail. Traditional retail often incurs a x5-6 markup from the cost price. The new markup of x2 is the lowest feasible, covering essential business expenses while allowing for a modest profit for reinvestment.



For instance, a product costing £14.50 will be priced at £29 (compared to a traditional RRP of £72.50).


Order Processing:

During this transition, I'll continue handling all orders personally. While there might be a slight delay in dispatch times, I appreciate your understanding and patience.


Stay Connected:

I'm excited about the new partnership and will provide regular updates on Instagram. Your ongoing support is invaluable, and I look forward to sharing this exciting journey with you.


Thank you for being a part of this community.


Warm regards,