What is a Haramaki

Haramaki loosely translates as belly wrap from the Japanese term ‘hara’, meaning belly, and ‘maki’, meaning ‘to wrap up’. Haramaki originally referred to a piece of armour worn by Japanese Soldiers. It later became a tube of fabric worn under clothes for health benefits.

Haramaki by Harry Duley is a simpler cotton version covering from the kidneys to lower back and hips; keeping your body core warm.

For an overall sense of wellbeing
Wear it under, or over, normal clothes and it keeps the area around your middle warm, helping to regulate your core temperature. Staying warm at your core is the secret to not only feeling toasty all over, but also to keeping comfortable, supported, energised, creative and strong. Our kidneys are like the batteries of our body and when they get cold, it is like the fire going out in our system. A Haramaki insulates, warms and regulates your core. Read more about the health benefits

It’s good for practising yoga
Wearing a Haramaki creates warmth when you’re practising yoga. Great if you don’t want to wear lots of clothes, the simple and effective layer can raise core temperature enough to keep the rest of you warm.