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Fabric & Manufacturing

We work with one family owned and run factory in Nottingham that has been manufacturing jersey garments for 16 years. Beryl’s son Jonathan cuts the fabric by hand and Beryl has a small team of ladies who help her.

Prior to setting up her family run business, Beryl worked within the UK garment manufacturing industry for over 57 years, or all her working life.
She has been working with Jersey for the majority of this time, where she also worked with our Fabric supplier for 28 years.

We buy all our fabrics from a British company based in the centre of the city of Nottingham. They are manufacturers of high quality knitted stretch fabrics.

They are a small but very experienced team who have spent most of their working lives manufacturing fabrics on circular weft knitting machines. They have a commitment to build-in quality at every stage of the manufacturing process from purchasing the best quality yarns and fibres to knitting them on the best available knitting machinery.

We know them well and we work together to produce the best results. The quality will always be good because their skilled workers care about what they do.